BOB HOME TEA TIME automatic tea machine and 1 NBplus functional tea in YEM DEAL

Everyone can have great TEA. We make it perfect.

Functional herbal TEA from the pharmacist team developed and 100% from organic cultivation and with our TEA TIME tea maker you can in a very precise way prepare your favorite tea.

BOB HOME TEA Time Teeautomat und 1 NBPLUS Functional Tea im YEM DEAL
Yem Deal TEA BRAINFIT-Functional-Tea bundle mit Teamaker

BOB HOME TEA TIME automatic tea machine and 1 NBplus functional tea in YEM DEAL

€ 89.00 + 60 YEM


BOB HOME TEA TIME tea machine and 1 NBplus functional tea of your choice.

BOB HOME tea machine

BOB HOME TEA Time Teeautomat und 1 NBPLUS Functional Tea im YEM DEAL

and in the finest way .......

  • Depending on the type of tea, the tea basket is automatically moved into the water and moved out of the water again after the correct brewing / brewing time.
  • This way you maximize your tea enjoyment and completely rule out over-extraction of your tea.
  • You can choose from 6 tea programs with the correct temperature / brewing time and a freely selectable setting.
  • You can prepare up to 1.0 liters of tea or 1.7 liters of water.
  • The tea basket can be easily removed and cleaned thanks to a magnetic mechanism.
  • Fine craftsmanship, solid stainless steel housing, and elegant design make your tea preparation a special moment

Top features:

Display Bobhome YEM DEAL Tea Maker

and in the finest way .......

  • Always the right temperature and brewing time
  • 6 tea preparation programs integrated
  • Tea basket is automatically moved into / out of the water
  • Individual drawing time / temperature freely selectable
  • For 1 liter of tea or 1.7 liters of water
  • Start time freely programmable thanks to the integrated timer
  • Keep warm function for the right temperature
  • Power Cord storage
  • Max. 2200 watts

Scope of delivery:

  • Maker
  • Stainless steel tea strainer
  • Base station
  • Operating instructions (German / English)


  • Tea maker dimensions: 22 x 22 x 27 cm (WxHxD)
  • Power cord length: approx. 74 cm
  • Weight: approx.1.5 kg

BOB HOME TEA TIME tea machine and 1 NBplus functional tea of your choice.

€ 89.00 + 60 YEM

The NBplus teas: developed by the pharmacist team


Yem Deal -Functional-Tea bundle mit Bobhome Teamaker
At some point a lot changes. Your body too.
For many women, this change in body is like saying goodbye to the “old” and the uncertainty of “the new”. Not always easy to live through.
Fortunately, nature offers perfect companions that make these moments more bearable and sometimes even positive.
How about our special tea mixture?
This tea was developed based on old recipes for better coping with the menophase.
The combination is soothing on the one hand (lemon balm, lavender flowers), on the other hand detoxifying (dandelion, hawthorn, rosehip), furthermore against depressive moods (St. John's wort) and finally digestive (yarrow).


Yem Deal Youslim-Functional-Tea bundle mit Teamaker
Do you want to reduce your weight?
If you mean health-promoting weight loss, you are on the right track.
However, one thing is clear:
Weight reduction is not done at the push of a button, and certainly not without discipline, strength of will and change, or even the removal of unhealthy habits.
Exercise increases the burning of calories, conscious eating in turn reduces the number of these. A perfect combination.
However, important - drink enough liquid.
And this is where we come in with our functional tea.
On the one hand, the mate suppresses the feeling of hunger and on the other hand increases the metabolism due to the caffeine effect. Both ideally support losing weight. With their caffeine-like substances, the cocoa shells also stimulate the metabolism and are therefore also beneficial for weight loss. At the same time, the cocoa shells are very tasty and contribute significantly to the taste experience of this tea, just like peppermint. Also at the same time, the menthol of peppermint gives the tea a freshness and deepens the breathing, which in turn contributes to an increased metabolism and thus supports weight loss. Finally, the marigolds give the tea a pleasant appearance and also ensure an optical enjoyment.


Yem Deal LOVE TEA-Functional-Tea bundle mit Teamaker
Love is something very special and very complex.
Sometimes the sensation is extremely great, but sometimes it diminishes. This can have various causes.
It is often the stress, the lack of time and often this has psychological or organic causes.
Can you give the feeling something to help?
Yes you can. A look at herbalism or even in ancient Greek recipe books is enough. You can certainly see a lot.
We also used these recipes for LOVEme tea. All ingredients were or are used as aphrodisiacs. The apple forms the "body" in this tea, the sharpness of the spices ginger and pepper stimulate the inner glands when drinking and thus bring the body into an excited state. The rose buds and the vanilla stimulate the sense of smell and taste and seduce with their beguiling smell and taste in the truest sense of the word.


Yem Deal TEA RELAX-Functional-Tea bundle mit Teamaker
We all long for pure relaxation in stressed everyday life. This state is a mix of inner and outer posture. The inner attitude is in turn a complex combination of head / heart / stomach - to be seen here as a psychological factor.
However, physical posture is at least as important. We can support you with our Functional Tea. Our pharmacist team has developed a special tea for this.
Valerian, lemon balm and lavender are plants that are said to have a calming and relaxing effect.
These were combined in this herbal mixture to round off the taste with rosemary and peppermint, which also has a relaxing component. The rose hip with its high vitamin C content also supports our immune system. Finally, the marigolds make the tea look beautiful.


Yem Deal TEA BRAINFIT-Functional-Tea bundle mit Teamaker
In other words, mental fitness is at least as important as physical vitality. But what is mental fitness? Quite simply - clear vision, ability to concentrate, good memory, healthy imagination, quick and complex thinking.
All around - IT'S YOUR CLEAR HEAD.
It is not just the increasing age that is troubling our heads. Pupils, students, and professionals can at least sing their songs as well. It is the daily complexity, the flood of information, long discussions, phone calls, e-mails and much more. A good structure is essential here. Help your head, help your body. Oxygen, a healthy supply of nutrients and sufficient LIQUID are an absolute MUST.
Our BRAINFIT FUNCTIONAL TEA was developed and used by a pharmacist team from Nuremberg.
Here the composition is crucial.
Thanks to its long-lasting caffeine effect, green tea increases mental receptivity and vigilance. Ginkgo is known in natural medicine for improving the blood flow to the capillaries. This can also lead to better cerebral blood flow, which in turn promotes memory performance. The thinking process is also a very energy-intensive process. The barley malt is a natural and fast source of energy. The corn and marigolds round off the optical enjoyment of this tea.


Yem Deal TEA DETOX-Functional-Tea bundle mit Teamaker
Do you feel weak, lacking in energy, listless?
It is probably because you did not treat your body very well beforehand. Should it stay that way? NO!
Your body, your metabolism, your cardiovascular system and your digestive system need a RESTART again.
But before that, all the bad things have to get out of your body.
Treat yourself to a detoxification companion.
We will soon be offering the necessary literature and targeted programs for this. An accompanying tea with which you can start IMMEDIATELY is our DETOX TEA.


Yem Deal TEA FEEL FREE-Functional-Tea bundle mit Teamaker
Do you suffer from joint pain? Are you losing your mobility? This can have different causes. Often it is due to undetected injuries, strains but also osteoarthritis. Medical care is certainly essential here.
What will your doctor advise you for sure? DRINK A LOT. It is indeed a magic word with magic effects.
Because fluid or rather the healthy and balanced fluid balance of your body is the be-all and end-all for innumerable processes in your body. And so you can influence your recovery process piece by piece. It is not only about you drinking, but also about WHAT you drink. And here, too, our pharmacist team recommends a special herbal complex that has it all.
On the one hand, the tea supports your pain therapy in a natural way (willow bark, meadowsweet), on the other hand it stimulates the blood circulation and thereby promotes the elimination of toxins (ginger, nettle). The rose hips are said to improve lubricity in the joints. The lemon balm ensures a pleasant taste.

BOB HOME TEA TIME tea machine and 1 NBplus functional tea of your choice.

€ 89.00 + 60 YEM

BOB HOME TEA TIME tea machine and 1 NBplus functional tea of your choice.


A maximum of 10 working days after receipt of payment.


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